Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Washington, Idaho

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology  Montana State University, 1972
Associate of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering  Northern Montana College, 1969


Mr. Scott brings to the project 34 years of experience in the Mechanical Engineering field with an emphasis on mechanical remodels and related projects.  One of the original founders of Design 3 Engineering in 1977, he is currently Vice-President in charge of production with a special emphasis on remodel work.  50-60% of Design 3 Engineering’s yearly work load is mechanical remodel and Mr. Scott manages these projects as Project Engineer and Chief Design Engineer.

Mechanical remodels require a depth of knowledge and experience in building mechanical systems in order to properly evaluate existing systems, there original function and the retrofit of that system (or replacement) to provide a viable mechanical system for the future of the structure.

Selected remodel projects recently completed by Design 3 Engineering with Mr. Scott as the project engineer are:

1. Dillon City Library Remodel (1999) – Renovation of historical library building.  Replaced existing steam heating system with hot water heat.  Remodel accomplished while building was occupied.
2. Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana (2006) - Central boiler replacement and exterior modifications to allow better access to boiler room for maintenance.  Required special considerations as to noise, dust and heat control to protect artifacts in storage and on display.
3. East Helena Middle School and Public Library (1998) – New Middle School for East Helena as well as a new public library.  Responsible for HV&AC, plumbing, fire protection systems and construction administration.
4. Data Center Remodel and Update, Montana Tech Campus, Butte, Montana ( 2007) – New HV&AC system for central data center.  Includes redundant chiller and dry coolers for precise temperature control of space for electronics associated with the computer center.